Kawakawa Balm without any of the frills. Simply just kawakawa infused Olive Oil and Vegan friendly Carnauba Wax. Available in 50g or 100g

Made from hand picked New Zealand Kawakawa plant, steeped in Olive oil.


Containing natural antimicrobial and analgesic properties, Kawakawa is a powerful natural healer loved by the Maori People, helping treat infection and creating an ideal environment for the skin to quickly heal itself. Kawakawa anti-inflammatory propertie


Made using traditional methods of gathering and preparation.  Plants sourced by hand using traditional and cultural respect during gathering.

In New Zealand it is illegal to make a therapeutic claim about how a product or ingredient works – unless it has been clinical proven (scientifically).  

Traditional use of Kawakawa; considered a very spiritual plant, a sacred tree with great powers which must be treated with respect when picked and used.  In some area’s it is still considered a no no to sleep under it’s branches. Eating the fruits of Kawakawa which give a lovely blissful calmness feeling alongside a beautiful slightly peppery creamy taste.  Although not a narcotic Kawakawa does have a relaxing effect on the spinal chord and subcortex of the brain – and in certain doses it may create flaky skin under the eye’s. 

Used traditionally for the treatment of gout, treatment of boils, (kane) chewing the young shoots for headaches, blood purifier, leaves used to draw infections from the skin. Swellings.  Aids digestion.  Suggested antimicrobial and insecticidal properties.  Applied topically Kawakawa is considered a blood purifier that helps draw and heal skin conditions.  Keep in mind balms heat the skin and if an eczema is covered with balms it can spread it.  


To use simply scoop out a pea sized amount and rub into the desired ares, larger areas may require more.


Comes in a screw top tin.


Ingredients: Kawakawa Infused Olive Oil, Carnuaba Wax.

Kawakawa Balm